Early Life

Veronica King was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. She dated Chris McCarthy, a fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. [1][2]


When Chris seemingly disappeared after wearing the newest Ant-Man's Suit (he actually had shrunken in size), Chris' friend and fellow agent Eric O'Grady took his chances and made an advance on Veronica. He told her that Chris was cheating on her. Veronica was extremely mad and disappointed and wanted to find Chris as soon as she could. It was however that moment that Hydra attacked the Helicarrier.[3][4]

During these attack, Chris was killed in action while wearing the Ant-Man suit. Eric took the suit from him during the battle and became the new Ant-Man. Later on, both Veronica and Eric grieved over the loss of their good friend. The two drew closer to each other because of their shared grief over Chris, and soon started dating and even slept together once. Veronica, however, thought it was wrong for them to be together at that moment, as she was still grieving for Chris, and the two split up. She still thought Chris had cheated on her. Not soon however, Veronica became pregnant with Eric's child. [5][6]

It was then that Eric confessed to Veronica all the horrible things he had done and said to her. He told her that he would never be good enough for her and that he was sorry he could not be there for her.[7] He left, and Veronica has not been seen since. Whether she gave birth to the baby or not remains a mystery.[8]

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