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This New Salemite daughter of Nicholas Scratch from an unrevealed wife was thus an heir to a magically enhanced alter-ego. Her activities remain largely unrevealed, leading Salem's Seven, Scratch's elite warriors. When Salem's Seven overthrew Agatha Harkness in order to rule New Salem, Vertigo, as eldest of the Seven declared herself priestess (ruler) of the community.[1]

She was killed in the explosion of magical forces caused by the Scarlet Witch that destroyed New Salem.[2]

Vertigo and the rest of the Seven were eventually resurrected and began living peacefully in New Salem.[3]



Magic: Vertigo's alter-ego form (nonetheless very human-looking) is capable of wielding magic on par with the rest of the New Salemites. In addition, she is able to assume a form that allowed her additional powers-- those of inducing extreme and debilitating nausea in her victims. This ability was augmented and amplified by the Wizard.

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