Developed by Doctor Doom, the Vertigo Beam shot a short-range unseen ray that easily hit off-guard targets. Once hit, the victim could rarely resist th effects of the ry, which including loss of balance and concentration, to the point of falling to the ground for a short time. The affected person was also unable to perform any action requiring concentration, including the use of any active super-power. Non-organic beings, such as androids, were immune to it.[1]

Doom developed the plans for this device and kept it in his Latverian Castle. He also built one operative unit which he hid in the NYC Latverian Embassy - specifically in a pit trap, concealed behind a ceiling, floor or wall. The vertigo beam could also be adapted as a hand-held device.[1]

Doom -more specifically his Doombots- used this device to ambush unwary opponents.[1] He once used it against the Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four: He summoned the Fantastic Four to the Embassy, then separated them, holding each of them in an individual cell whose floor opened to a pit. The Invisible Girl's force field would have allowed her to stop her own fall, but the vertigo beam prevented her from doing that. She fell and recovered to face a Doombot that was impersonating Doom.[2]

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