Verulia was a country on Thuria during the Pre-Cataclysmic Age.

It was considered one of the Seven Empires.[1][2][3][4]


Verulia was a country conquered by Iraina the Tigress and her female army. During a brief encampment in Verulia, Iraina was visited by the Valusian traitor Kaanub, who helped her meet King Kull.[5]

At a pitch camp in southern Verulia, Kull set off with Akreon, Brule and Ethias to find the amulet of Ka and heal his councilor Tu, deadly wounded after a fall from his horse. After having dealt with the perils of the ancient forest, they discovered an ancient race of avian humanoids, who were keeping the amulet to preserve their existence. King Ravian eventually let Kull take the amulet away and he managed to heal first Brule, fatally hit by the traitor Akreon and then councilor Tu.[5]



  • Verulian pirate knots were seemingly strong ones.[6]

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