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The Vescora are a parasitic, virus-like interdimensional species. After invading a new reality or dimension, they dissect and analyze it, only to cleanse everything afterwards. After finishing replicating, they move on to their next target.[1]

A portal door opening up to Vescora found its way to Peak VII, where it was put into the Science Lab for study by S.W.O.R.D. After it was opened, most of Peak cre was eliminated within ten minutes. Active fire countermeasures had no effect, as Vescora operated under different laws of physics. Luckily, the last men standing were able to depower the entire station, and with the loss of the energy the gate shut down. As part for the Ten of Swords challenge, Cable and his parents entered the Peak where Cable used the Light of Galador to power the station back up which also reopened the portal. They fought off the arriving Vescora before withdrawing the sword, depowering the gate once again before returning to Krakoa.[1]

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During the final battle of Tournament of Swords, as it appeared that the champions of Krakoa were losing to Arakko and it's demon forces, Cable devise a plan to save the day. He had Magik open a portal to Otherworld large enough to allow the Peak to pass through. With the Peak in Otherworld, Cable powered up the station with the Light of Galador and Magik opened a second portal pouring the Vescora into the path of the Amenthi demons. The Vescora turned the tide of the battle, allowing the Krakoan side to prevail. Afterwars, they were left in the Otherworld province of Blightspoke.[2]

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