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Vetis was a demon who had the plan to create numerous pacts with mortals in order to spread demonic power on Earth, which he would later recollect at once, as if he slowly empowered himself on Hell, Mephisto would notice it.

He convinced Deadpool to made a pact with him: Deadpool had to keep Iron Man drunk (so he could later make a pact with Tony Stark when he was "more prone to mistakes") and he would get a laser disc factory in reward. Feeling remorseful after seeing Tony depressed, Deadpool decided to trick Vetis, by donning the Iron Man Armor and getting himself drunk, as he would still have made what Vetis asked him, to keep Iron Man drunk, as the demon didn't clarify who had to be under the suit.

When Vetis was going to confront Deadpool, he was faced by Mephisto, who discovered his plan. For his betrayal attempt and his failure to cheat Deadpool, Mephisto took Vetis back to Hell for punishment.[1]

Vetis returned to Earth years later, after being paroled for the fun the demons had when one of his victims resurrected dead presidents, in order to take revenge on Deadpool. Wade had to kill four people who made pacts with Vetis, or his friend (the Necromancer who resurrected the dead presidents) would die.[2] After Deadpool killed one of Vetis's victims, he would absorb their abilities and empower himself until the time he would confront Mephisto.[3]

After he learned Deadpool had killed Michael, Vetis angrily confronted the mercenary, as Michael was the most powerful of the people the demon put power in and the absorption of his abilities was essential to his plan.[4] In Hell, Michael confronted Mephisto and informed him of Vetis' plan, in compensation, Mephisto resurrected Necromancer so he could take care of Vetis, using dark magic to free the souls of the people he powered and thus his abilities. After his defeat, Vetis was brought to Hell once more for punishment.[5]

Deadpool carried a Chitauri head canon to kill Vetis in case he returned.[6]

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