Attacking the Exiles and Avengers

On Earth-8545, the Legacy Virus didn't kill just a few mutants here and there, but wiped out hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in the biggest Plague their world had ever seen.

When Warlock's best friend Cypher caught the Virus and began to die from it, Warlock sacrificed himself to merge their bioforms in an effort to save Cypher's life. Instead, the Virus mutated to become a new disease, a disease that was no longer fatal, but didn't limit itself to mutants and was infinitely more contagious. Becoming vampiric in nature, it hungered for additional life energy, and forced those infected to hunt for more victims.

Some of the victims became zombie-like beings that were confused about if they were machine or man, and others became more horrible than monsters. As the strongest beings on the planet, they maintained their intellect but became evil.

Some Vi-Locks were brought to Earth-616 by Yandroth, and infected Thomas Samuels (Lectronn)'s wife Mary Jo Besselo.[1]

Powers and Abilities





Average Strength level



None known


Habitat: Earth
Gravity: Earth
Atmosphere: Earth
Population: 70% of the Earth in the Earth-8545 universe


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: High; Technarch based
Representatives: Forge, Cypher

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