Definition & Vibranium Mutates

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Vibranium mutates are created due to the result of exposure of untreated Vibranium. The radiation mutates their DNA. In some cases, the change is permanent. In others, the change can occur when desired or under stimuli.


A meteorite made of a sound and energy absorbing mineral, which would later be known as vibranium crashed to Earth. It landed in a region known as Wakanda. One of the tribes, led by Bashenga, its mightiest warrior, decided to investigate, believing this to be a gift from the gods. When they reached the crater, they found that the material vibrated and decided it would be useful to forge into weapons. However the radiation the meteorite gave off also had a side effect, turning some of the tribesman into "Demon Spirits". Bashenga prayed to the Panther God to give him the strength to defeat these demons becoming the first "Black Panther" and united the tribes to form the nation of Wakanda. His lineage would later rule the country for centuries.[1]

Flora & Fauna

The radiation also effected the flora and fauna; creating the Heart-Shaped Herb eaten by members of the Black Panther Cult. It also affected a troop of gorillas, mutating their DNA to become the albino White Apes. Their flesh had the ability to bestow great power on those who consumed it. These people would later form the White Gorilla Cult who worshiped the Ape God.[1]

List of known Vibranium Mutates

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