A metal spheric satellite developed and created by Victor von Doom[1] through years of work, it manipulated the brain pattern of people within its reach to instill an absolute loyalty to Doctor Doom[2] using a ray of energy of some kind. The effect was permanent as long as the machine was operational,[1] and a victim could be forced to murder on Doom's command.

Doom took the vibro-bomb to a hidden lair in New York City, where he captured the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Medusa, Human Torch and the Thing). Doom intended to launch the vibro-bomb on the nose of a rocket so that it would affect all the Earth.[2] While the launching took place and the vibro-bomb started working, it would need two hours to be completely useful. In that time, the Fantastic Four were released by a dissatisfied minion of Doom, the cyborg Darkoth. Doom tried to escape in a rocket and board the Vibro-Bomb, but Darkoth stowawayed in[3] and attacked Doom. His rocket collided with the Vibro-Bomb, destroying both of them.[1][3]

Doom survived[4] and still had access to the Vibro-Bomb schematics at Castle Doom[1] but apparently he did not replicated the dvice.


The book Machines of Doom erroneously lists the first appearance of this item in Fantastic Four #144.

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