Fearing for the economic future of the nation of Wakanda and the future of his son N'Kano, Supreme Technologist N'Kano Senior and his wife A'Kane developed the Vibrasurge Research Project. The project was to utilize the properties of Wakandan Vibranium with a derivative source of the material found in the Savage Land. However, something went wrong and there was a massive explosion that seemingly incinerated everyone except for the young N'Kano who survived the blast and was endowed with vibrational powers. Outfitted with a suit to regulate his powers, the youth -- now calling himself Vibraxas -- was then taken to the United States by the Black Panther where he became a founding member of Fantastic Force. [1]

While Vibraxas and the Black Panther were away, N'Kano used his position as part of Wakandan parliament to push to the revival of the Vibrasurge Research Project in T'Challa's absence. The reactivation of the facility caused something to begin resonating beneath the Great Mound. Meanwhile in the United States, Vibraxas was forced to kill a youth in self-defense while he and his teammates were trying to stop a gang war.[2]

Eventually Vibraxas was extradited to Wakanda to stand trial for the death. When he learned that the Vibrasurge Project had been revived, Vibraxas attempted to destroy the facility before another catastrophe could occur. However his proximity to the facility awoken a creature from deep below the facility, a massive humanoid that was an amalgam of Vibranium and the missing bodies of the Vibrasurge accident. [1] The creature, later dubbed the Vibravore, then began rampaging through Wakanda. The Fantastic Force rallied together to stop the creature, and it took a combination of all their powers in unison to destroy the Mound Monster before it could cause any more damage. [3]


Vibravore could release sonic blasts. Its large size also gave its superhuman strength at an unknown level as well as a high level of durability, allowing it to shrug off attacks like Human Torch's flame blasts and munitions.

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