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Vic Duval owned and operated a private casino aboard his boat just outside of U.S. waters during the 1940's. He used rigged gambling techniques to bilk some of his customers out of money and was not beneath blackmailing some of his more notable clientele to extort more money out of them.

His operation was discovered by the Witness who came to the rescue of one of Vic's unsatisfied customers who was going to be eliminated after calling Vic on his shady operation. Beating Vic and his men into submission, the Witness revealed to those aboard his vessel how they were being shammed by Duval causing a riot. The Witness then piloted the boat back to shore where Duval and his men were turned over to the authorities.[1]

His fate following his arrest is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


No known paranormal powers



Vic utilized a number of gambling devices that were rigged so that he could alter the outcome, such as a roulette wheel that could be manipulated to landing whatever marker he desired.


Vic had his own private yacht.

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