Creed was part of the Weapon X project developed during the Canadian/USA border conflicts. He was to be in the elite troops of Canada using the Super-Soldier Serum stolen from the United States. But the scientists at the project lost control of him and his fellow Weapon X "patients". They escaped into the wilderness and the area was cornered off while conventional forces dealt with their military difficulties with the U.S. The three ex Weapon X savages were left in the Canadian wilderness, and formed the Pack. They crossed paths with the Six when Havok brought them into Canadian airspace, they were shot down and attacked by the Pack. The Pack were eventually defeated by the Six and Alpha Flight, and then taken into Canadian custody.[1]

As Wolverine escaped from the Canadian imprisonment the Pack were now being held in, the Government decided they would sent Creed out to recapture him. Unfortunately Creed was not as successful as they hoped, and was caught in an explosion, created by Wolverine, which half killed him. This really upset Victor, and deciding he would finish the job, he grabbed Logan's wife and two Children in a hope that Wolverine would come and fight him again.[2]

True to style Logan turned up and the two fought, with the result of Sabretooth having his head chopped of by Logan's Adamantium laced claws.[3]


Seemingly those of Victor Creed (Earth-616)#Powers.


On Earth-1298, Creed's skeleton is laced with Adamantium.[3]

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