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Sabretooth was a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Upon allying himself with Doctor Doom and gaining the assistance of the other brotherhood members, Sabretooth and Mystique broke into the Raft, freeing most of the prisoners with explosives. Proceeding to another Chamber room, Creed was able to free various high threat inmates, including Carnage, Red Skull, Rhino, Stan Lee and Magneto.F acing down against the three, Magneto used his Magnetic powers to pull Iron Man's MK 6 armour apart, putting Stark out of the picture. Heading to the Elevator with Magneto, the two were followed by Hulk & Wolverine. After fighting on the elevator, Magneto & Sabretooth were able to escape from the raft. As Hulk and Wolverine began fighting Abomination, Sabretooth gave him nearby air support, however, Hulk eventually throwing Abomination into a nearby Hellicopter that Sabretooth was in, allowing both to be taken into custody. [1]



Seemingly those of Sabretooth (Victor Creed) of Earth-616


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