Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth, is a mutant. He is very barbaric and ruthless in his behavior, and loves causing mayhem and destruction just because he can. At some point, he was trapped inside a DISK, which then ended up in the hands of Rosetta Riley.

When Loki send both Rosetta and Okuma to Techno Isle to cause chaos, Rosetta released Sabretooth from his DISK. Okuma also wanted to D-smash a villain, but Sabretooth made it clear to him that he wanted to do things alone and would kill anyone that got in his way, even allies like Rosetta and Okuma. Okuma actually liked this style.[1]

Once released, Sabretooth went on a rampage on Techno Isle, which naturally attracted the attention of the Avengers. Iron Man was the first to reach him, but Sabretooth proved more than Iron Man could handle alone. When the other Avengers also joined the battle, they unleashed their full power onto the mutant. However, due to his healing factor, Sabretooth easily shrugged off every attack. While the Avengers tried to think of a way to deal with him, Sabretooth’s old enemy Wolverine joined the battle. However, before he and Sabretooth could start fighting, Sabretooth was joined by 3 Destroyers, send by Manino Giordani. Furious that the Celebrity Five send him back-up while he didn’t ask for any, Sabretooth slashed one of the Destroyers to pieces before storming off to confront Rosetta Riley, thinking her to be responsible for the Destroyers. He wasn’t the least bit impressed by her threat to d-secure him back into his DISK, and even knocked the DISK out of her hand when she tried. Okuma was forced to use an empty DISK to d-secure Sabretooth before he could harm Rosetta.[1][2]

When the X-Men and the Avengers' Partners attacked Loki's Castle, Sabretooth was one of the villains that tried to stop them. This time, he did get to fight Wolverine. The outcome of the fight was not shown, but since Wolverine showed up again afterwards it can be assumed that he won.[3][4]

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Seemingly those of Victor Creed (Earth-616)#Powers. His claws are even sharper than in most incarnations, capable of slicing through cars and even the Destroyers.

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