During the Mutant-Human War Victor Creed was one of Magneto's most vicious agents and was primarily used as an assassin. Sabretooth was unknown to the majority of humans and mutants. He was responsible for the murder of Robert Kelly, the United States Senator who was also the head of the Council of Mutant Affairs.[1]

Following the end of the war, Sabretooth traveled to a small town in Alberta, Canada. While there, he lost all control and began slaughtering humans recklessly. Magneto, who was in the process of cementing his hold on the world, contacted S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Sebastian Shaw and asked them to deal with the situation. S.H.I.E.L.D. sent in their Red Army led by Wolverine and they took Sabretooth down.[citation needed]

After years in prison, Sabretooth was released into the custody of Magneto to become his personal assassin. Sabretooth's first mission as Magneto's personal assassin was to kill Graydon Creed, an anti-mutant activist who was also Sabretooth's son. Sabretooth showed no remorse at all over killing his son.[1]

Later, Sabretooth was sent to Wakanda to assassinate Magneto's rival, the Black Panther. However, T'Challa outsmarted Sabretooth and decapitated him in battle. He sent Sabretooth's head back to Magneto as a sign of triumph.[2]


Seemingly those of the Sabretooth of Earth-616.


Throughout his life, Sabretooth has wielded many different types of firearms throughout his career as an assassin

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