Sabretooth was one of Apocalypse's most loyal followers. Sabretooth was with the Followers when they attacked and slaughtered the Hellfire Club, and was also present when they fought against the X-Men in Washington. After Apocalypse was killed by Charles Xavier, Apocalypse's corpse fell on Sabretooth. Sabretooth survived it and said that Charles Xavier was weak and maybe Apocalypse was too. He said that despite Apocalypse's death that his cause lived on, and that they would gather the strong and eat the weak.

Scott and Jean, who were both empowered by the Phoenix Force and fought against Apocalypse, realized that the Followers of Apocalypse weren't going to stop and with the power of the Phoenix, Jean engulfed Washington and killed many of the Followers of Apocalypse. It is unknown if Sabretooth survived it.[1]

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