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Sabretooth was a member of Magneto's Brotherhood during the scheme to blot out Earth's Sun. He and Avalanche controlled the Mount, the teleportation site which transported mutants up to Asteroid M. They destroyed the transit point once the X-Men located the Mount. Sabretooth and Mystique also fought alongside Magneto in the final battle with the X-Men aboard Asteroid M.[1]

When Apocalypse raised an army to destroy the human race, Magneto allied the Brotherhood with the X-Men, and Sabretooth reluctantly went along. In Genosha, he encouraged the X-Men to rescue Blink for him. Later on, Sabretooth was tricked into the open by the brainwashed Beast and kidnapped, his mutant energies as one of The Four empowering Apocalypse for his final scheme.[2]

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Seemingly those of Sabretooth of Earth-616.



Sabretooth is voiced by Peter Lurie.

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