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Sabretooth was part of Weapon X as the member of Team X along with Wolverine, Deadpool, and Omega Red. Ever since then, he warned The Professor that he knew Wolverine better than anyone and that couldn't be controlled, which the Professor refused to listen.

After Wolverine's escape, Sabretooth had sworn to kill him by whatever means necessary. He and his Team X teammates were sent by the Professor to capture the Hulk, but it took them weeks as the green brute couldn't be taken down that easily, forcing them to rely on Wolverine, now an agent of Department H to deal with the green one.

Taking the advantage, Sabretooth ordered Deadpool to shoot at the two with tranquilizer darts. Before, Logan fainted, he thanked his bro for taking down the Hulk for them. Then they took the two back to Weapon X base.

Sabretooth had punched Logan two times to wake him up. After the conversation between the Professor and Logan, Sabretooth severely wounded his boss over Lady Deathstrike's idea to kill Logan. He and Deathstrike had tortured him painfully until Wolverine knocked them out and left his cell to find Banner.

As Deadpool and Omega Red arrived on the scene, Sabretooth lied to the two that Wolverine "killed" the Professor and the latter "ordered" him to kill him in retaliation, which the Merc with the Mouth jokingly said "Ahh, Sabretooth!" before saying "Strike a pose."

Then he led his team into a four-vs-one battle on Wolverine. They nearly killed him if not for Banner turning into the Hulk to save him. Hulk then mercilessly punched Sabretooth very hard that sent him flying out of the facility then crashed landed into the mountains.[1]

After the Hulk destroyed the base, it seems that Sabretooth and Deadpool were the only ones who survived the Hulk's destruction.



Seemingly those of the Victor Creed of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Victor Creed of Earth-616



Two braces that stop adamantium blades


High-tech Weapon X weapons like guns

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