Sabretooth's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's.

He was once imprisoned in Ravencroft Asylum. He was one the prisoners freed after the Goblin staged a takeover of Ravencroft. Connors was defeated by Nighthawk when he fought to retake the prison.[1]

Sabretooth later escaped Ravencroft and was hired by Baron Zemo as a member of his team Siege Society, assembled to take out the Secret Squadron so Hydra could take over Europe.

Sabretooth and Soviet Agent took out the human guards that guarded the Tower Bridge, allowing the Siege Society to teleport into the Secret Squadron's hidden base without trouble. Later, Sabretooth and Soviet Agent looked for the members of the Secret Squadron. After Blue Eagle killed Soviet Agent, Sabretooth battled Eagle despite being blinded by arrows from Golden Archer. Eagle was eventually killed by Silver Witch. Eventually, Nighthawk and Blur arrived. Sabretooth tried fighting Nighthawk, but Nighthawk flipped him to the ground and planted an explosive that took Sabretooth out.[2] What became of Sabretooth is unrevealed, but he likely survived due to his healing factor.

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Seemingly those of the Victor Creed of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Victor Creed of Earth-616.

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