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Formerly Romulus
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Several Sabretooth killed by Wolverine
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Clones of Sabretooth created by Romulus
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(Original Sabretooth's clone)
(Several other clones)


This army of Clones of Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth was created by Romulus with the intent of use them to substitute the real Sabretooth in his missions.[1]

The first clone who appeared was believed to be the real Sabretooth; he was brutally killed by Wolverine in the forests of Alberta, Canada.[2]

This clone's soul later appeared in Hell.

The entire army of clones appeared in the Weapon X Facility when Logan and Romulus' sister, Remus were searching for Romulus to kill him; while the real Sabretooth escaped, the other clones were all killed in the battle.[1]


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