The younger son of Mr. Kohl, who lived with his father and his brother Rob, but had another brother, Vic, who didn't live with them as he was the black sheep of the family and had economical problems, to the point of stealing Rob's new laptop.

After Thanos' invasion, the Terrigen Mists were spread all over the surface of Earth, activating the latent powers of numerous Inhuman descendants. Rob and the rest of his family, except Vic, suffered from Terrigenesis. After Vic called the police when Rob and the rest of the family were enclosed in cocoons, they were transferred to an Inhuman Nativity Center.

Vic grew resenful, thinking that he didn't suffer from Terrigenesis because he was adopted. When he acquired the Nightbringer Mandarin's Ring, he went drunk to the Inhuman Nativity Center and attacked it, prsumabily killing his little brother, as their father did die during Vic's attack.

Victor later suffered from Terrigenesis, and it was revealed he hadn't suffered from it earlier because the level of exposure to Terrigen Mists necessary to trigger the Terrigenesis can vary from individual to individual, and not because he didn't have blood ties with his family. Before he changed Vic was diagnosed with Depression and tried to commit suicide but S.H.E.I.L.D found him and stopped him and he was told that his brother was with them.He was later exposed by Terrigenesis.But was very strong and powerful [1]


Telekinesis: Vic was able to lift objects with his mind and when doing this his eyes would turn grey, and with much concentration can destroy objects

Pain influence: He was also able to influence pain on anyone, when he did this his eyes would turn black.

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