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Victor Kohl was the black sheep of his family. He had economic problems and even found himself having to steal the new laptop of his brother Rob.

After Thanos' invasion, the Terrigen Mists were spread all over the surface of Earth, activating the latent powers of numerous Inhuman descendants. Victor's family suffered from Terrigenesis, but he didn't. While they were transferred to a Inhuman Nativity Center, he grew resentful because he thought he was adopted, as he didn't change.

Appearance prior to Terrigenesis

One day returning drunk to his home, Victor was confronted by the Nightbringer Ring of the Mandarin, which found him acceptable to be its wearer. With its power, and still under the influence of alcohol, Victor attacked the Inhuman Nativity Center. Iron Man appeared to stop him, and Victor had to flee after the Golden Avenger injured his shoulder with a laser.

The ring teleported Victor to a safe place, and while recovering, Victor suffered from Terrigenesis for his surprise. As soon as he resurfaced, Victor was found and confronted by Medusa, the Inhuman queen. She showed to him the rests of Vic's father's body, which was destroyed during Victor's rampage in the Nativity Center. She also explained to Victor that he didn't suffer from Terrigenesis not because he didn't have blood ties with his family, but because the level of exposure to Terrigen Mists to activate the Terrigenesis in certain individuals can vary. She exiled Victor from the Inhumans for his actions.

Victor blamed himself for what he did, but the ring managed to make him blame Tony Stark from not stopping him when he was rampaging drunk. The Ring also suggested Victor's new nickname, the Exile.[1]

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He travelled to Troy, where he joined Mandarin One's plan to destroy the city.[2] He and Mandarin One confronted Mandarin Seven, who was opposed to the idea of innocents dying. Iron Man and the Trojan Guard soon joined the fight. The Exile teleported away once he and Lord Remaker started being overpowered by Iron Man's forces.[3]

Victor and the other Mandarins later travelled to Svartalfheim in order to confront Malekith the Accursed, who had hunted down other three Mandarins and had taken their rings from them.[4] The Mandarins thwarted any attempt of Malekith to hide or flee, as the rings could locate each other. The elf made a pact with Iron Man, who was also at the time in Svartalfheim to retrieve the rings, disposed of his ring and escaped to safey, as he could no longer be tracked. Following their failure to kill Malekith, the Mandarins resumed their own paths.[5]

The Mandarins joined forces once more to help Mole Man's plan to create ring-powered weapons with which they could destroy cities from their base in Sinister London. A test was thwarted by the Fantastic Four. Before they could release one of the actual machines, Iron Man pinned them down along with the Trojan Guard and Abigail Burns. The Mandarins failed to escape, as Iron Man's ally Dark Angel used magic to prevent them from teleporting.[6]

The Exile fought Arno Stark, who was using a part of Troy to create a giant suit of armor. Arno managed to shatter one of Victor's constructs, which seemingly crushed The Exile to his death.[7]

Powers and Abilities


Black Light: The Nightbringer Ring allows the The Exile to create an area of darkness, presumably using Darkforce energy to do so. He can manipulate it to his will.

Teleportation: Additionally, his ring enables The Exile to teleport. Its teleportation range is unknown, but it allows its bearer to travel through realms.



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