Years ago, before Wilson Fisk became the Kingpin, he had a "falling out" with an associate named Victor "Kruel" Krueller. Their fight was witnessed by many people at a Pennsylvania diner. Among them were Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Ben Urich, Glorianna O'Breen, and Kathy Malper. The diner was burned with Kruel inside. Fisk ordered his men to "burn the memories" of the witnesses.

Years later, Kruel appears to be alive and kicking. He started attacking the witnesses from that day to help him remember who tried to kill him. He attacked Ben Urich and killed Glorianna. Daredevil believed he was the reason behind these attacks and warned Kathy Malper. Kathy didn't believe him until Kruel attacked them. Once Kruel recalled another detail about the "fat man" that beat him, he escaped. Later, Daredevil confronted the only person he knew with the knowledge and the resources to attack those closest to Matt Murdock: Wilson Fisk.

While Daredevil confronted Kingpin, Krueller arrived and tried to kill them both. Joining forces, Fisk and Murdock were able to kill him before he killed Foggy Nelson.[2]

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