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Victor Neumenon was the assistant to Albion Crawley who followed Crawley on his expedition for the The Crossing of the Abyss. hey discovered the Arachnix and were captured by them. They tried to consume Crawley but he was able to escape with the help of Victor, who was turned into a Sorrow Fly. After leaving Crawley, Sorrow Fly traveled to the Insect World. While here, he helped send the surviving egg (that would become a Radioactive Spider) to New York City. Many years later, he met Spider-Man who had been sent to kill Sorrow Fly by the Arachnix to prove whether he was a man or a spider and revealed the origin of the spider that bit him before Doctor Strange arrived to retrieve him. Strange turned Victor back into a human and after the Arachnix's defeat, revealed that his human body was long dead and he would be unable to leave this realm. [1]

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