Baron Victor Octavius was a Italian nobleman living in France who suffered the bubonic plague. Octavius attempted to cure himself by using the blood of octopi, which worked, but also slowly transforming him into a human/octopus hybrid. Octavius has since been trying to revert his transformation by experimenting on humans and 'Witchbreed's to find a viable cure and even forcing scientist Henri Le Pym to help him by holding his shrunken wife, Janette Le Pym, hostage. In public, Octavius always kept his entire body hidden from prying eyes and always accompanied with plague doctors.

After having been using the blood of his fellow colleague Hal McCoy which slowed his transformation had begun to wain, Octavius learns from Norman Osborne about the Spider and captures him in obtaining his blood for his cure. However, once Henri Le Pym completed the serum, Octavius had ultimately progressed to his complete hybrid form which drove him to madly think that he is a superior life form above humankind. As a result Octavius turned on Pym and his underlings, and fought the Spider. Just as Octavius had the advantage, he is towered over by a giant Henri Le Pym, who had drank the vial that was used to cure Octavius and Janette's size. Octavius begged Le Pym to spare him, but is then crushed to death by Henri's giant foot.

  • Victor Octavius' appearance bears a similarity to the Lovecraftian deity Cthulhu.
  • On Earth-311, the given names of Doctor Doom and Octopus are traded; this could be in part because their stated nationalities here would more likely use these names.

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