Victor Von Doom's history seemingly matches that of his Earth-616 counterpart, until he was assigned to be roommates with Tony Stark instead of Reed Richards. During their time, Victor would become annoyed with Stark's antics until he saw his research. One day, Victor asked Tony's help with a project he was working on because he felt his scholarship wouldn't be renewed. Although hesitant, he agreed to help him. Once the project was complete, Victor restrained Tony revealing his true plan to switch his mind with Tony's. Security came in and "Victor" lost all memory and was taken to the infirmary. "Tony" became more distant from his father until his eventual death. Overtime, Stark International became Stark Universal gaining more strength in weaponry. When news of Doom Industries Arc Reactor was going to outshine "Stark", he planned to sell his Iron Man armor to any government for a price. After sabotaging "Victor's" reactor, he was confronted by "Victor" outside but "Tony" destroyed Doom Industries. Before he could escape "Victor" used his Magnetic fields in his armor to capture "Stark" but he broke free from his grip. Realizing his armor was cybernetically linked to his system, "Doom" copied the frequency into his armor and was able to make a rocket inside his armor detonate before it was launched. Defeated, "Stark" told "Doom" that the experiment he did at college years ago that he switched their minds and that "Doom" was the real Tony Stark. The real Doom offered to give him back his life and he'll testify the truth. Stark refused saying the Stark name was ruined and that he would accept that he is Victor von Doom now. Afterwards, Doom in Starks body was presumably arrested.

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Seemingly those of Anthony Stark (Earth-616)#Powers.


Victor von Doom of Earth-616 would eventually become Iron Man after Tony Stark's fate during the second Civil War.

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