Deathwish was primarily thought to be the counterpart to Deadpool, wearing green instead of red. The two "Wades" quickly hit it off and became friends. When Deadpool asked his counterpart why Deathwish's healing factor was so slow, Deathwish claimed to have no knowledge of the healing factor and was surprised to know that Deadpool thought that he was the Wade Wilson of this universe. Deathwish was shortly thereafter killed by Death Mask, his previous employer for failing in his task. Deadpool then took Deathwish's corpse to Spider-Man, who, thanks to a supercomputer made by his own counterpart, confirmed to the Merc with the Mouth that Deathwish was actually this reality's version of Dr. Doom, who went "off the rails" shortly after the disbanding of the Fantastic Four.[citation needed]

Wade Wilson (Earth-616) and Victor von Doom (Earth-11638) from Deadpool Annual Vol 1 1 0001.jpg




Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616, with no healing factor.


Deathwish's Suit


Deathwish's Katanas

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