His life was similar to his Earth-616 counterpart, but as more time went by he became senile and addled. His pride never allowed him to believe that he could lose his grip, and he had long since killed anyone who might have told him, so he grew even more addled and lost all his power, wealth, and glory without ever realizing it.

He resided in an abandoned hotel in Detroit being taken care of by a busted old robot, and spending his days in a fantasy world. Despite his fall from greatness and sanity, he remained that era's foremost expert on time travel, and Layla Miller, Multiple Man, and Ruby Summers sought him out for help in trying to return to their present.

Doom agreed to help them and returned with them to Atlantic City. Doom solved the problem by bringing Cortex, who had been killing the ancestors of the members of the Summers Rebellion, into the past. Doom betrayed them however and took control over Cyclops through his metallic parts as well as Cortex, whom he ordered to kill all the mutants. Ruby managed to incapacitate her father, while Doom made his escape and Fitzroy killed Cortex.[citation needed]


Presumably those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616).


Presumably those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616).

Strength level

Weak human.


He needs an oxygen tank to survive.



Despite his senility, Doom is shown to have moments of lucidity, wherein he fully remembers his past and acknowledges his current state and condition.

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