Early Life

Dr. Victor von Doom is a brilliant scientist from the small European nation of Latveria. He attended college is America were he befriended fellow scientist Reed Richards. His face was scarred in the same experiment that transformed the Fantastic Four. Doom himself had sabotaged the experiment, but he still blamed Richards for the scarring of his face. He crafted a suit of armor and mask to cover his face. Using his Doombots, Doom conquered his home nation of Latveria. Doctor Doom is revealed to have diplomatic immunity as a head of state, which means that the American police cannot place him under arrest.


Doom in one of his experiments his mind gets put into Reed Richards, and vice versa, more is revealed about Doom's life and ruling attitude. Doom (with Richards' mind) is now considerably more polite and respectful of others. Reed also commands the Doombots to destroy themselves as "word of Doom is law", and releases the face mask. Though the viewer is not shown Doom's face, when Reed and Doom return to their proper bodies, Richards tells Doom that Doom's insecurity, in particular about his personal appearance, is his greatest adversary.[1]


Reed is accused of intentionally exposing the FF to the cosmic rays that gave them their powers. It turns out to be a plot by Dr. Doom, and Ben forgives Reed after they save the world from Doom's plan of opening a dimensional portal where monsters will go around New York and destroy all human life. [2]

Bait and Switch

Doctor Doom hijacks one of Reed's experiments and causes the FF to swap powers with one another.[3]


The Fantastic Four are brought to the Negative Zone where they come face to face with Annihilus. As if that wasn't bad enough, Dr. Doom arrives stealing Annihilus' power source and threatening Earth.[4]


Ben confronts Doctor Doom regarding the city turning against them. But leaves when he realizes he has no involvement. [5]

Doomsday Plus One

Doombots invade the Baxter Building in the middle of the night, but their attack is just a distraction for Doom to launch the Baxter Building into space. [6]

Out of Time

The Fantastic Four return to New York to find that Doom has taken over the city and due to a change in history, they never got their powers. The Four must go back in time to set things right and to stop Doom.[7]

Shell Games

After several attacks from Iron Man suits, the Fantastic Four track down Tony Stark. It turns out Doom was behind the attacks, and now the Four have to face both Iron Doom and Iron Man under Doom's control.[8]

Doom's Word Is Law

Doctor Doom creates a super Doombot to face the Fantastic Four. The Four try and retrain this robot to be one of the good guys. In the end, Ben becomes the super Doombots friend, but then Doom's control is too strong and the super Doombot captures Susan and Reed. Johnny and Ben must save Susan and Reed, and fight Doom. But when Johnny is captured, Ben is left to fight the super Doombot. [9]


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616)#Abilities.


Doctor Doom's Armor



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