In this world Victor and Reed were roommate and it was Victor who warned Reed that his calculation are flawed. However, Reed didn't care what Doom thought and went on with his plans and as Doom thought, Reed and his teammates were affect by the cosmic rays and Reed mind become twisted by shame and paranoia which lead him to form the Frightful Four to take his revenge on the entire human race. This lead Victor to build his armor, become Doc Iron and fight his former friend and in one battle Doc Iron face was burned horribly to the point that he can't take of his mask. When Human Torch arrived by accident to his world, Iron believed that he was his version of the Human Torch and Locked him until the the Frightful Four came and battled him which lead the good Johnny to be freed and fight by Doc Iron side until he was displaced from that timeline. Doc Iron ultimate fate is unknown.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616)#Powers

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