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Lord Doom's history is presumably similar to his Earth-807128 counterpart's. After the villains took over the United States and wiped out almost all its heroes, Doom carved out his own share of the country, now called Amerika, called the Doom's Lair. He also married Emma Frost.[1]

Following the Red Skull's murder at the hands of Logan, Doom took over his territory, The President's Quarter and began expanding into the rest of Amerika.[2] While exploring his territory, Doom stumbled upon a town that had been set up Baron Mordo using magic from the Darkhold. Once he passed the Three Trials of Tituba, Doom confronted Mordo and killed him after cutting off the source of his power, Agatha Harkness. Doom then took the Darkhold for himself.[3]

When Star-Lord returned to Earth in search of the Ultimate Nullifier followed by the Imperial Guard of the Universal Church of Truth, they stirred up trouble in the Badlands of Amerika, forcing Doom to send his entire army of Doombots to end them.[4] Following a battle between Star-Lord and the Imperial Guard that opened up a rift in the spacetime continuum around the location of the ruined Baxter Building, Doom decided to personally investigate the situation.[5]

After Doom and his forces fought rebels led by Viv Vision, he confronted Star-Lord who returned from a trip through time with the Ultimate Nullifier. Doom destroyed the Nullifier, mistakenly believing Star-Lord was going to use it on him. Doom then arrested Star-Lord and planned to execute him in front a live broadcast. Doom himself didn't attend the execution, instead sending a Doombot in his place, which was fortunate as Galactus and arrived and learly destroyed Earth if not for Star-Lord.[6]

Once Doom learned that he was dying of cancer, he decided he wanted to go out in one last blaze of glory. To this end he attempted to recreate the Fantastic Four and the Captain America to be his adversaries, but both attempts failed. When he learned about a new generation of heroes, he decided they would be his adversaries. While he started killing off any remaining villains, Doom sent out Doombots to being attacking communities out west as well as blackmail Dwight Barrett to lure out the new young heroes. Doom and the heroes eventually had one last confrontation in Times Square in New Latveria, and Doom was defeated. After explaining his motivation for all he did, he asked the heroes to kill him. However, the young heroes refused as they wanted to show that change could occur without violence. Additionally, now that the public had seen Doom as a dying, broken man, his rule was over.[7]



Seemingly those of the Victor von Doom of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Victor von Doom of Earth-616.


Cancer: Doom is dying of cancer.[8]



Cambots, Doctor Doom's Armor


The Darkhold, Doombots


Flight using his armor


  • Doom has been portrayed with both blue eyes[5] and brown eyes.[8]

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