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Quote1 Behold the salvation of all Dooms. Of the Doom-Thing. Of the Giant-Sized Doom. Of every Doom from throughout the Multiverse. Even a once-lost Doom like me. I am Doom the Living Planet. And I too once beheld the face of the fiercest Doom to ever live. The only Doom capable of breaking other Dooms. All hail the Doom Above All. All hail the Doom of Dooms. Quote2
Doom the Living Planet[src]

Doom Supreme was the leader of the Multiversal Masters of Evil, which he co-founded with the demon Mephisto.[1] He aided the Council of Red in weakening the boundary at the God Quarry so he could hijack their plan and remake the Multiverse with the power of the First Firmament.[4]


Doom Supreme's history was presumably similar to his mainstream counterpart up to the point he became Sorcerer Supreme and conquered his reality. He spent years torturing his enemies until he got bored of it and went to the past to kill the prehistoric Avengers. This worn out the enchantments of his armor so he killed an alternate version of himself to restore it.[2]

Mephisto (Earth-616) and Victor von Doom (Earth-22215) from Avengers Vol 8 50 001

Meeting Mephisto

Later, he went to 1,000,000 BC of Earth-616's history and encountered that reality's Mephisto, who suggested him to start a team, the Multiversal Masters of Evil. As part of the terms, he and the Masters would ravage the prehistoric Avengers of Earths across the Multiverse, but he must not attack Earth-616's prehistory until the very end. Doom Supreme knew what Mephisto and the Council of Red were really after but accepted anyway as it intrigued him.[1]

When Avenger Prime's Deathloks started interfering, the Masters began hunting them as well.[5] A group of Deathloks went to Earth-616's modern era for refuge but the Masters followed. Doom Supreme killed the Orb and began their hunt, coming in conflict with the Avengers. After the hunt was over, Doom Supreme restored the Orb's Watcher eye for Mephisto before leaving to attack other Earths.[6]

While he led the Master's relentless assault on prehistoric Earths, Doom Supreme had secretly been recruiting and enslaving those Earths' variants of Doctor Doom. He used Doom the Living Planet as the base for his army of Dooms.[2]

After finishing with the other Earths,[7] the Masters of Evil began their attack on Earth-616's prehistory. The modern Avengers, who had been following Mephisto, were also there along with their prehistoric Avengers. In the ensuing fight, Doom Supreme killed the prehistoric Starbrand and removed both of Agamotto's eyes,[8] but left the Masters to their demise some time during the battle.[9]

Victor von Doom (Earth-22215) from Avengers Forever Vol 2 13 001

Attacking the God Quarry to access the First Firmament

Doom Supreme's true target was the God Quarry, specifically the First Firmament beneath it. The Masters of Evil were used to weaken its barrier.[10] After the Council of Red were repelled by Avenger Prime's own army of Avengers, Doom attacked with the full force of his army of Dooms.[11] Doom Supreme clashed with Avenger Prime, Agamotto, and Namor.[10] In the middle of the battle, Dark Phoenix of the Masters of Evil attacked Doom Supreme for abandoning her but he embraced her with a kiss instead. Soon after, the God Quarry shattered, completing Earth-616 Mephisto's true plan, which was to destroy everything.[12] Doom Supreme attempted to harness the power leaking from the First Firmament to remake the Multiverse and made sure he only took a controllable dose; however, Ant-Man enlarged the portion he took. Doom Supreme was quickly overwhelmed by the power, was petrified, and was then shrank down by Ant-Man.[4]



Victor von Doom (Earth-22215) from Avengers Forever Vol 2 5 002

Killing prehistoric Avengers and enslaving his other selves

Presumably those of Doctor Doom of Earth-616. Doom Supreme was a Sorcerer Supreme[2] and a Necromancer Supreme.[3] Doom Supreme was able to defeat countless versions of Phoenix, Starbrand, Odin, Agamotto, and other prehistoric Avengers across the Multiverse and claimed none of them were a challenge.[2][7][8]

Doom's face was said to induce madness, even to his variants, a noteworthy feat considering the indomitable will of Dooms.[3] He forced his own variants to look at it to enslave them.[2]


  • Robbie Reyes' full-powered Penance Stare as the All-Rider would have killed Doom Supreme, although it would have also killed Robbie.[7]
  • Although Doom Supreme could harness a small portion of the First Firmament's power, too much of it consumed and petrified him.[4]

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