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Doctor Doom was part of the Illuminati, acting in order to counter the Incursions.

Heading to the mutant city-nation of Tian, the new location of an incoming incursions, they encountered the Sidera Maris, automatons of the Mapmakers.

Although the local and Illuminati's mutants were killed by the Mapmakers who targeted their X-Genes to terminate them, the incursing Earth was destroyed and they were allowed to leave. Doom and his fellow Illuminati attacked, but were killed except for Reed Richards, Iron Man, stuck in his armor, and Doom.

While Richards tried to convince Doom that they had to retreat and call for reinforcements, Victor refused to leave and managed to kill a Maker, directing his victim's teammates' assault on him. He was saved by the sacrifice of Richards, and mourned his death for his last instants, before getting beheaded and dismembered by the Mapmakers.

His death was witnessed through the Bridge (Alternate Reality Viewer) by the Illuminati of Earth-616, shocked to see what was heading to them.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Doom was a tech user and magician, with seemingly the powers of his Earth-616 counterpart.

After having killed a Mapmaker, he was stated to be an "Omega-Level threat" by his victims' teammates.[1]


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom of Earth-616.



Doctor Doom's Armor


Arsenal possessed in his armor.


He can fly using his armor.

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