Victor von Doom's life underwent a drastic change when Apocalypse took over America. As ruler of Latveria, von Doom became director of Eurasian Security for the Human High Council.

Apocalypse's "Lost Horseman" Mikhail Rasputin arrived in London with his peace convoy offering salvation with his Upstart Program. In reality the program was a ploy to turn humans into cyborg slaves who he could use against Apocalypse. Victor von Doom welcomed Mikhail to Europe on behalf of the High Council along with his companions Donald Blake, Gwen Stacy, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner. They were invited aboard Mikhail's private airship where he took them prisoner and revealed his true intentions to conquer Europe.[1]

They broke free from captivity and von Doom joined Blake in confronting Mikhail, preventing his Stryfe Force from assassinating the Human High Council. Blake sacrificed his life to stop Mikhail. Returning to the others, von Doom learned that Apocalypse had launched his nuclear sea wall. He was punched by Gwen who was upset that Doom had been unable to prevent Blake's death. With Armageddon coming, Victor and the others gathered up as many survivors as the could and tried to escape to the stars.[2]


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