During President Harry Osborn's term, Norman Osborn deemed Doctor Doom a national security threat. His forces invaded Latveria and captured Doom. He spent the following three years confined in a prison for superhumans.

When the reality-displaced Spider-Man of the Prime Marvel Universe sought the Resistance's help in figuring out how to return to his proper timeline, they suggested getting Doctor Doom, and orchestrated a break out to free him.[1]

The Resistance took Doctor Doom to the Oscorp warehouse where his Time Platform was stored so he could make the necessary preparations for Spider-Man to use it. Doom was successful, and despite Osborn's attempts to take down the Resitance, his army was defeated, allowing Spider-Man and his allies to return to their proper timeline.[2]


Seemingly those of the Victor von Doom of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Victor von Doom of Earth-616.

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