The history of this incarnation of Dr. Doom prior to his first appearance is most likely identical to that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

In his first appearance, he has set up a new lair for constructing his doombots, in a castle close to where the Power Family was holding their family vacation. When Jack Power discovered this, he tried to infiltrate the lair all by himself, but was quickly captured along with the Human Torch. Doom planned to use both as bait to lure out the Fantastic Four, but didn’t count on Power Pack to show up as well. Teaming up, both teams defeated the army of doombots.

When Franklin Richards and Jack Power decided to run away from home together, Doom seized this opportunity to have Franklin taken captive by Kraven the Hunter, and taken to Latveria. Power Pack followed Franklin there and fought Doom, but found themselves outmatched by the villain until Doom suddenly fell into a coma. This however was actually part of a plan by Doom to infiltrate the Baxter Building and take out the Fantastic Four from within; he had used a potion to swap his mind with that of Franklin Richards and put his own body in a coma to keep Franklin from warning his parents or friends. In Franklin’s body, Doom turned H.E.R.B.I.E. into an evil battle robot and planned to first ruin the Fantastic Four’s reputation as heroes before destroying them. On top of that, he wanted to make Franklin Richards his heir to add insult to injury for his rival Mr. Fantastic. He managed to surprise the Fantastic Four and put Servo-Disks on their bodies to mind control them into becoming his villains. Before he could execute his plan, Power Pack interfered. In the battle, Jack Power used one of the Servo-Disks against Doom to restore Franklin and Doom to their proper bodies. The team then battled Doom for the second time, and with Franklin’s help managed to banish him to the Negative Zone.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom of Earth-616.

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