The past history of Dr. Doom of Earth-772 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point when Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four.[1] In his first encounter with the group following Spider-Man's replacement of the Invisible Girl, the FF would easily defeat Doom thanks in part to Spider-Man.[2] At some point he had encountered Rama-Tut however the circumstances behind this encounter remain unrevealed.

Much later, Doom would be manipulated by the Time-Twisters to eliminate Earth-772's Nexus, Franklin Richards by preventing his birth from being successful. To this end, Doom would be manipulated into travelling into the Negative Zone to prevent the Fantastic Five from collecting the Cosmic Control Rod owned by Annihilus which was needed to ensure that Sue and her baby would survive child birth. Doom would steal the Rod from the Fantastic Five leading to a clash with Annihilus himself. During the fight, Doom would be briefly plucked out of time by the Whisperer who would warn Doom that the death of Susan Richards and her unborn child would push Richards over the edge and make him a threat to the entire world. Not wishing this to happen, Doom would give the FF back to Cosmic Control Rod and keep Annihilus at bay while they escaped. Their battle would take them to the anti-mater barrier of the Negative Zone where both were seemingly destroyed.[3]

Dr. Doom would survive, having been selected by the Whisperer to be one of his minions along side Wolverine of Earth-9250, and the Irondroid of Earth-90110 to go to Earth-9260 and defend the nexus being of that reality, Odin from the Time-Twisters. With the aid of that realities Thor, Doom and the others would be successful. However, the Whisperer would reveal himself to be Immortus in disguise seeking to thwart the Time-Twisters and seek power for himself, and he would abandon Doom and the others on Earth-9250.[4]

They would then be picked up by the Time Variance Authority who would be seeking to stop both the Time-Twisters and Immortus from their goals. To this end they would send Doom and the others to Limbo to try and alter the history of Immortus. They would be forced to battle Tempus, Rama-Tut's robots, Space Phantoms, and Dire Wraiths in Limbo to accomplish this goal. During the fight Doom would prove useful in stopping Rama-Tut's robots but would be killed by a Dire Wraith. When Uatu the Watcher would lend his aid, they would succeed in preventing the younger version of Immortus from being able to absorb massive amounts of chronal energies. Doom would be resurrected by the TVA and returned to his own time.[5] His current whereabouts remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616)#Powers.

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