Quote1 Miss Van Dyne, I am not some common criminal that can be distracted by your prattling. You are nothing to Doom and your pathetic attempts to play mind games with me amount to exactly less than nothing. So please, stop embarrassing yourself. Quote2
-- Doctor Doom src

Early Life

Dr. Victor von Doom is a brilliant scientist from the small European nation of Latveria. He attended college is America were he befriended fellow scientist Reed Richards. After his face was scarred by an experiment for which he blamed Richards for. He crafted a suit of armor and mask to cover his face. Using his Doombots, he conquered his home nation of Latveria.

Arms Deal with A.I.M.

He was mentioned by Iron Man as he interrupted a weapons deal between A.I.M. and Doom's representative Lucia von Bardas.[1]

Private War of Doom

His Doombots attacked the Baxter Building and the Avengers Mansion in order to kidnap Wasp and Invisible Woman. Though the Avengers and the Fantastic Four invaded his castle, he effortlessly defeated both the FF and Avengers, returning to his throne and demanding them to leave his country after releasing Wasp and Invisible Woman. He also found proof of Susan Storm being a Skrull.[2]

Skrull Invasion

He somehow visited Stark's home as he was battled by Iron Man. After the clash, he gave Stark the chip, which may allow his armor to detect a Skrull in disguise. Before Doom left, Tony asked him if he has a change of heart, Doom replied that he won't allow those "reptiles" take Earth but wouldn't help him fight them.[3]

Emperor Stark

Doom was attacked in his castle by the Avengers who were under the control of Zebediah Killgrave, aka the "Purple Man".[4]


Seemingly those of Doctor Doom of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Doctor Doom of Earth-616.


Doctor Doom's Armor



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