When Doom failed to rescue his mother's soul from Mephisto, he sought out the Ancient One to learn the mystic ways and be able to finally save her. During the time of his training he becomes extremely powerful, and meanwhile, when a doctor named Stephen Strange showed up asking for a way to heal his crippled hands, Doom simply chopped the hands off, created, new, "superior" mechanical hands for him.

On his second attempt to free his mother, Doom and the Ancient One were successful in defeating Mephisto, although this victory was at the cost of the Ancient One's life. Doom did not expect this, and without the Ancient One's help, he was unable to stop Dormammu from attacking the universe. Later, with the Fantastic Four's aid, and through the use of his Time Platform, Doom successfully retrieved a magical Obsidian Stone, which he used to banish Dormammu back to the lands of Faltrine. However, just before leaving, Dormammu fatally wounded Doom.

In his last moments, he instructs a Doombot to capture the nearest person, who is ironically Stephen Strange, as he was the doctor tasked with saving his life. Doom, aware his own death is unavoidable, has the Doombot use his personality and memory to overwrite Strange's, turning Strange into an exact copy of Doom. Through this process he ensured his legacy would live on and he could continue to be the Sorcerer Supreme in a new body. [1]


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Formerly Doctor Doom's Armor, Doombots, and Time Platform.


Cloak of Levitation.

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