The history of Dr. Doom of Earth-97751 would mirror that of his Earth-616 counterpart until Rhomann Dey endowed his Nova powers to a criminal. Doctor Doom formed an alliance with Nova, the Red Skull and the Sphinx to kill every superhero on Earth. Using Computer Prime, which monitored the heroes, the group knew when to strike, successfully succeeding in killing all the superheroes on Earth, with the Fantastic Four being the last heroes to be killed.

After Nova declared himself the leader of the group, Doom was unimpressed, due to most of the group's success having come from Nova's Computer Prime, which monitored the heroes and allowing the group to know when to strike, and remarked "is the peasant that buys the hen the layer of the golden eggs".

Doom later attacked Nova in his room, angry that Nova would talk down on him, and promised that he would let Nova live if he swore allegiance to him. Nova talked about how killing all of the superheroes was all his idea, and that he should be the leader. Suddenly, Doom grabbed his head and screamed before slumping over and dying from an attack from behind fired by the Red Skull.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616)#Powers

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