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Not much is known about Victor's past, though it can be assumed that it followed much of the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart.

At some point in the past, Doom became embroiled in a conflict against Namor, which culminated in a climactic final confrontation in Latveria after Doom launched an attack on Atlantis, reducing it to rubble. This duel resulted in the destruction of the nation and it's subsequent abandonment. Doom and Namor subsequently went missing, though Namor resurfaced a decade later in Hawaii. However, Doom was still disappeared to the world at large.

In all actuality, Doom was defeated and captured by Namor, who brought him to a cave at the deepest point of the Earth under the sea, where he would be tortured once a month by Namor as revenge for the destruction of Atlantis. One day, whilst Namor was returning to this hideaway, he discovered that Doom had escaped his captivity, and proceeded to attack and overpower Namor before escaping.

Still desiring vengeance on the Fantastic Four, now the Fantastic Five, and Reed Richards in particular, Doom donned his old armor and traveled to New York before proceeding to attack Five Freedoms Plaza.

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