Following Mister Fantastic's failure at stopping Galactus, Doctor Doom stepped in both to save the Earth since he wished to conquer it, and to succeed where Richards had failed. Having earlier learned a mind-transference technique from the alien race named the Ovoids, Doctor Doom built a machine with which he transferred his consciousness into Galactus' body, saving the Earth.

Having acquired Galactus' powers and hunger, Doom addressed every citizen on Earth and swore he would never succumb to devouring the planet. While he held true to his promise, Galactus' hunger for energy combined with Doom's craving for power resulted in him devouring everything in the universe except the Earth.[1]

When this reality was accidentally visited by The Thing and the Human Torch of the Prime Marvel Universe,[1] Doom sensed their arrival, but deduced incorrectly that the perforation in the fabric of the reality was caused by Reed attempting to find a way out of the universe. He sent his Heralds of Doom to attack the Earth and announce his arrival.[2]

When Doom returned to Earth, Reed Richards and the Victor von Doom of the Prime Marvel Universe had worked together in a machine that allowed Emma Frost to swap minds with Doom as part of a plan to stop him and restore the universe. This severely wore out Emma's body, which led to Doom's demise as soon as the swap was carried out.[3]



Seemingly those of the Victor von Doom of Earth-616.

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