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This Doctor Doom was unwittingly created by Gwenpool from the recollections she possessed of the real Doom. In the Gutter Space, Gwen had noticed that the remaining page count for her comic book series was low, so in an attempt to become relevant and prolong her series' lifespan, she set out to kill Doom, who had turned a new leaf and was going by the alias of Iron Man.[1]

After luring Doom into a fight, Gwen was disgruntled in seeing he was now a good guy, as it represented a wrench in her plans. When she sliced him with a sword, from his wound this "paper memory" of Doctor Doom magically emerged.[2] Gwenpool attempted to exile him into the Gutter Space, but as a master of magic, he found his way back quickly. Doom resumed the fight, and overpowered Gwen. While she was trying to escape, Doom teleported both of them to the Gutter Space. The real Doom appeared soon after, having recovered from his magical wound, and destroyed his duplicate swiftly, revealing in the process that its interior was made up of nothing but paper.[1]

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Seemingly those of Victor von Doom.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom.

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