Quote1.png I am Captain Victoria, commander of the Spartax Royal Guard, and daughter of former emperor J-son. Under my own authority-- I'm taking you into custody. Yield now-- Or I'll kick your pathetic ass in front of the entire galaxy. Quote2.png
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Captain Victoria was the illegitimate daughter of Emperor J'son of Spartax Empire. After spending most of her childhood hidden off-world, Victoria was brought to her father, who revealed her parentage and sent her to Star Harbor, the military school of Spartax, to prove her worth.[1] As an adult, she became the Commander of the Spartax Royal Guard. She followed the trail of her brother, Star-Lord.[2]

She wanted to bring Star-Lord to the bounty brokerage house of Count Bligh so she could use the money to help rebuild the Spartax Empire. However, Peter convinced her to follow a plan which could prevent him from being captured and help Spartax obtain even more money.

When they arrived at Fortress Viderdoom, Victoria pretended that she was going to bring Star-Lord to Bligh, but as soon as the bounty was transferred to her account, she rescued her half-brother and forced Bligh to transfer all of his fortunes to her account.

After escaping Fortress Viderdoom, Victoria offered Peter to give him part of the fortune, but he refused.[3]

Some time later, Victoria and a group of Spartax soldiers visited the Collector's base to recover her father's body. After a conversation, she danced for him and made them cry. After that, she delivered J'Son's body to the soldiers. Also, secretly, the Spartax soldiers stole the seed of the next Kree Supreme Intelligence and Victoria destroyed it with her hands.[1]

At some later point, Victoria became the Queen of Spartax and ruled as Empress Victoria. In that capacity, she attended a meeting of the Galactiic Powers that was held on the Proscenium, a diplomatic conference center under construction in the unaffiliated space at the Galactic Rim.[4]



She had a suit that apparently allowed her to levitate and survive in the vacuum of the space.


She used a spear that could project electrical discharges.

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