Victoria von Frankenstein lived with her dwarvish creations which she called children in her castle.[1]

Ivan located the Frankenstein's Monster at Castle Frankenstein, convinced him that Kraft could make him into a real man, and took him to Kraft's Swiss Castle. Ivan returned to Castle Frankenstein and imprisoned Victoria Frankenstein to prevent her from interfering. Kraft succeeded in making an army of Frankenclones without the monster's knowledge. Spider-Man flew to Alps to cover a story on Kraft and the International Council on Cloning and Genetic Research. Uncomfortable about the whole clone thing, Pete knew something was up after running into the monster and Ivan, who threatened him while he was snooping around Kraft's castle. Spidey traveled to Castle Frankenstein, where he found and freed Victoria, and learned what had been going on. Spidey exposed the plot to the monster, and they destroyed Kraft's lab and foiled his plot. The monster left Peter to return to castle Frankenstein.[3]

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