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Vienna is the capital city of Austria and one of nine states.

In 1870, Dracula came to Vienna after he fled from a Spanish province he had previously ruled over. There he led a vampire-human war and smashed his way into the imperial castle, though when he got as close as possible to the seat of power, he felt compelled to retreat and called off his plans.[1]

Inquiring on John Grimlan, Professor Conrad met with Old Von Boehnk in Vienna.[2]

On March 2nd, 1938, a young Johann Fennhoff escaped Vienna with his parents the day before Austria was swarmed with Nazis.[3]

Much later, Winter Soldier was pursued through the streets of Vienna by an elite squad of Kree known as the Pursuer Corps.[4]

Signore Saviano was a well known Italian opera singer who, after he performed at a show in Vienna, was kidnapped by Johan Richter's cult and taken to the Savage Land.[5]

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T'Challa accompanied his father to a United Nations conference in Vienna to ratify the Sokovia Accords, which would bring the Avengers under close monitoring by the organization. During the conference, his father was killed in a bombing seemingly caused by Bucky Barnes, an assassin known as the Winter Soldier. In the wake of the bombing and his father's death, T'Challa vowed to track down and kill Barnes to avenge his father. Later, T'Challa shadowed Tony Stark to an old Hydra bunker in Siberia when Stark went to confront Rogers and Barnes alone. He remained hidden throughout the exchange, learning that it had been Helmut Zemo who had orchestrated the Vienna bombing.[6]

Jeffrey Mace was also present at the bombing and, while trying to get to safety, he tripped and accidentally pushed a woman to safety. A photographer took a picture of this apparently heroic act. Mace was regarded as an American hero, and his attempts to deflect this praise were seen as simple modesty. However, he liked that people were treating him like the person he always wanted to be, and decided to play along with the narrative of his heroics in Vienna.[7][8]

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