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A group formed of three killers, The Holy, a serial killer who murdered those who confessed crimes to him at his Church; Elite, an upper class psychopath who sought to keep his neighborhood safe by murdering anyone he viewed as a criminal from a dog urinating on the sidewalk to drug dealers and who held very Nazi and eugenic opinions; and finally Mr. Payback, a dangerously unprepared killer who targeted companies and corporations who committed crimes and got away with them but who also didn't concern himself greatly with innocent bystanders who were killed in his war, viewing them as natural sacrifices when it happened. They were all inspired by the Punisher and came together as a group hoping that he would lead them in their campaign against crime. When the Punisher did find them, he pronounced The Holy a lunatic, Elite a Nazi, and informed Mr. Payback of the innocent people who he had killed before he killed the group.[1]

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