Nothing is known of Viktor's past. He was a nightclub owner in Prague who was secretly a brutal human trafficker, preying on other mutants who sought jobs at his club and selling them to the highest bidder.

One of his "clients" was the corrupt DermaFree Corporation, which the mutant spy Mystique had been sent to bring down. To do that, she infiltrated Viktor's gang as a customer, stating an intent to buy one of his captive mutants. Once Viktor led her to the holding cell where the mutants were being kept, Mystique attacked, stabbing Viktor in the back with a knife. Viktor struck back, entangling Mystique and Luc, one of his captives who had come to her defense, with his tentacles, before being felled by a burst of light from another one of the enslaved mutants, Tanya. An enraged Mystique the dragged Viktor off and stabbed him to death.[1]


Viktor was able to extend five psionic tentacles from the center of his back, which enabled him to assault the minds of others and knock them unconscious or physically bind opponents. He also had a psionic third eye in the center of his forehead, which he could use to access the minds of others, reading their thoughts and erasing their memories.

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