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Viliven was the Seamstress-Queen of the Tapestry Islands, in the Winding Way, part of the Splinter Realms[1] (also known as of the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption[3][4][5] As such, she was one of the Lords of the Splinter Realms.[1]

She ruled over the Weaver Witches who resided on the Tapestry Islands.[2]

She was a long-time foe of Molgotha, another Lord of the Splinter Realms.[1]

Viliven came to the convocation called by Magik to help defeat the Archenemy. She agreed with Molgotha's proposal that anyone who broke their new pact would face death, considering no trust could be set otherwise.[1]

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Given her title of Seamstress-Queen of the Tapestry Islands[1] and her rulership over the Weaver Witches,[2] Viliven was seemingly learned in Weaver Magic.

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