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Quote1.png Heroes for Hire. It's a very efficient operation...I designed it myself. I intended to use it covertly to build my empire here in New York. But Misty Knight and her partner Paladin spoiled that. They took my idea away and made it work for the angels. Time I took it back. Quote2.png
Purple Man

Appearing in "Version Two Point One"

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Synopsis for "Version Two Point One"

Silver Sable, hired to oversee security on a building containing Asgardian relics that Misty Knight has heard may be robbed, finds a broken-out window on the building. When she investigates, she is attacked by Lady Stilt-Man and knocked back out of the window. Lady Stilt-Man flees and manages to get underground into the subway, but Misty contacts Black Panther, who fights and defeats the criminal. But Lady Stilt-Man’s heisted treasure has disappeared; Misty Knight contacts Paladin and together they piece together some clues regarding the recent heists. She warns Black Panther that their target may have recruited help from Monster Island, just as Panther comes upon an underground chamber guarded by an enormous monster and several Moloids.

Misty contacts Daimon Hellstrom who teleports to Panther’s aid and attacks the aggressive monster, shrinking it down to miniature size. Panther recovers the stolen loot.

Meanwhile, Paladin has isolated the operation’s ringleader, Sidewinder, and breaks into his secret headquarters in Brooklyn. They fight, and Paladin knocks him out. Misty congratulates the team on a job well done.

Elsewhere, in downtown NYC, the Purple Man observes this events remotely and says that he engineered Heroes for Hire to help him conquer the city, but Misty Knight and Paladin have foiled him by taking it over. He says it is time to reclaim the organization and asks his ally, Headhunter, if the new recruits are ready. As he watches several screens displaying various villains, she says they are, and she will also contact Mole Man about an alliance.

Solicit Synopsis

ALL-NEW, ALL-EVIL TEAM! If the story starts with bionic detective Misty Knight uniting heroes Black Panther, Paladin and Silver Sable to halt a heist, why will she then cross the line and hire those she once fought? Enter a world of treachery, double-crosses and death when you hear: “Hello, Villain...are you for hire?”

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